QUESTION I'm having trouble printing a copy of my calendar (month view) in Outlook 2007. Outlook 2003 automatically wraps text for appointments that span across more than one line, letting you see all the information in the printout; Outlook 2007 does not. I can't find a formatting option to correct this. Steve Tuff

HELPTOOM ANSWER This is a known issue in Outlook 2007 and, unfortunately, a fix hasn't been issued. For now, you can edit the style of your calendar entries so they fit across a single line.

Go to Print, Monthly Style, Define Styles. Under Fonts, choose a smaller point size from the Appointments drop-down menu – although not so small that it won't be readable in your printout. This will allow more text to be seen onscreen.

Outlook 2010 has the same issue, so even upgrading won't solve the problem.

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