If you leave your phone lying around in the house or the office and you don't want other people to read your emails or look at your messages, you can just lock your entire BlackBerry via the built in software.

But there are times when you want to show a friend of colleague some of your phone's content, but don't want them to go on and look at your emails, contacts or messages - and once they are passed the first pin-lock, they have free reign over your whole BlackBerry and its contents, which you may not be 100% happy about.

Here is how you can lock specific apps on your BlackBerry for free and subsequently hand over your BlackBerry, safe in the knowledge that your important emails and messages won't be read by the wrong people.

Step one

Open Blackberry App World, click on the magnifying glass symbol on the bottom of the screen and search for 'iLock Lite'.

Step two

Open iLock Lite in App World and click install.

Step three

Once iLock Lite has been installed, run the program. iLock Lite will then ask you to enter a password. Once you have set your password you can browse and select the apps you want to individually lock. Simply tick the apps you want to lock and exit the iLock Lite once you are finished. Note: To browse all your apps you have to select whether they are Core, Third Party or Own apps from the drop down box in the top right.

You can only lock two apps in the Lite version. The full versions costs £0.99.