Apple's iTunes is great software for organising your digital music collection. It allows you to organise files by track name, album, artist, genre or star rating that you provide, as well as letting you create playlists of tracks. These tracks can then even be transferred to any of your devices that run iOS, such as an Apple iPad, iPhone or iPod or shared with other computers located on your home network.

It also features the iTunes store that allows you to purchase music, TV shows, films and apps, but with some of tracks and videos being inappropriate for young ears and eyes, you may not want to let your child lose without your supervision. With this in mind, Apple offers a range of parental controls that can stop certain content being downloaded and played when anyone except for the administrator is using the machine. Here's how to set-up parental controls in iTunes.

Step one
From the Start menu, select iTunes to launch the software.

Step two
From the Edit menu select Preferences.

Step three
Now click the Parental Controls tab. Under the Disable menu you can select elements you'd like to be disabled for other users apart from yourself. These include Radio, Podcasts, Home Sharing – which allows you to access content on other PCs and devices on the same network, and even the iTunes store.

Step four
You can use the drop down menu next to Ratings for to select the country you're in (and therefore the age limits for content).

Step five
Next tick the boxes next to the type of content you'd like to restrict and use the drop down menus to adjust the age limit you want to restrict them to.

Step six
Now click the lock to ensure the changes are set. You'll be asked the enter the administrator password, then press OK to ensure the changes take effect.