Music-streaming service Spotify has launched an app platform that offers access to editorial content, concert and gig information and even recommendations of other tracks without leaving the software. The apps, which at present include offerings from Rolling Stone, Songkick,, TuneWiki and the Guardian, are free of charge to all those using the service, whether via the free version or the paid-for options.

Currently, the apps are only available in a Preview version (Spotify's version of a Beta) and the music-streaming service did say there may be a few bugs. However it hopes to roll out the full version of the app platform in the near future. Here's how to install and use Spotify apps.

Step one
You'll need to start by downloading the preview version of Spotify Apps from the music-streaming service's dedicated web page.

Step two
Once the preview has been installed, you'll be asked to log in using your spotify username and password. Select the App finder from the far left-hand side of the window and then select the app you want to use.

Step three
The app will now appear on the left-hand side of the Spotify window underneath Apps. Now begin playing tracks from your playlists or search Spotify and select a song. You can simply click on the app to use it. For example, click on TuneWikli to see the lyrics appear on-screen in time to the music.

Step four
If you add the app, you can get playlists based on the track you're playing, while the Moodagent app lets you pick a mood you're in, for example happy or angry, or pick a specific track and then it'll create a playlist on that songs and allow you to personalise it even further based on your mood.