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In a similar fashion to Twitter, you can see what your friends and other users are up to on Spotify. Here's how to find and follow friends on Spotify.

According Spotify, following others in a social network style means your Activity Feed will be more curated. You'll see activity from people you follow and recommendations. The Activity Feed displays what music the people you follow are listening to and the playlists they create.

You can easily follow artists by searching for them in the search bar and clicking follow. However, you can also follow other users but it's not so obvious how to do this.

Step One

Open Spotify and log in.

Spotify log in

Step Two

Once you have logged in to Spotify you can search for your friends and other users in the search bar. Type 'spotify:user:xxxx' replacing the later part with the users' name (you might need to ask your friends for their exact user name. Hit enter when you're done.

Spotify search

Step Three

If successful the users' profile will be displayed. Hit the green '+ follow' button to follow them.

Spotfy Follow

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