We look for free alternatives to the now pay-for LogMeIn remote-access service. Here are our best free remote access solutions. See also: Use LogMeIn free to control a PC remotely.

QUESTION I've been using LogMeIn's free remote access solution for a number of years to connect to my family and friends' PCs to provide occasional assistance. I recently received an email telling me the free service is to be discontinued. Is there a free alternative I can use and how can I switch over with the minimum of effort? (For more on LogMeIn's decision, see LogMeIn just logged everyone out of free service.)

HELPROOM ANSWER There are many remote access solutions available, but the closest experience to LogMeIn Free would be TeamViewer. This is free for personal use and can be downloaded from

Seeing as you already have LogMeIn installed, you won't have to visit the remote PCs in person to swap over to TeamViewer. Just sign in to each remote computers via LogMeIn, then download and install TeamViewer remotely.

We've tested this and can report that both LogMeIn and TeamViewer can run at the same time on the remote PC without interfering with each other.

Now disconnect from LogMeIn and try connecting to the same PC via TeamViewer. If all goes well and you connect successfully, you can now uninstall the application from the remote system. For more see: 5 alternatives to LogMeIn Free for remote PC access.

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