If you are having trouble adding an RSS feed to Outlook, our Helproom Editor can help.

QUESTION I want to subscribe to the BBC Spanish Language RSS feed to receive a Spanish phrase each day. This feed is offered at bbc.co.uk/languages/spanish. However, when I click the Subscribe button it just opens a new page with a list of words.

I have some other RSS feeds that work fine in Outlook 2010, but this feed does not appear anywhere. I'm running Windows 7. What am I doing wrong? Dirty Dick

HELPROOM ANSWER The feed you're trying to add is a standard XML feed. When you click on the subscribe link, your browser is displaying the raw XML code rather than automatically subscribing Outlook to the feed.

To subscribe to this feed in Outlook, open your email client and click File, Account Settings. Select the RSS Feeds tab and click the New button in the window that pops up.

Head back to the BBC website. Rather than left-clicking the Subscribe button, right-click it and select Copy shortcut.

(This instruction is for Internet Explorer users; if you use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, choose ‘Copy link address' instead.)

Back in Outlook, paste the link into the ‘New RSS Feed' box. Click Add to subscribe to that feed.

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