Deleting a sent WhatsApp message is really easy. You just tap and hold it, then tap the bin icon that appears in the top bar and say Ok to the message that pops up asking if you really want to delete it.

But we're guessing that's not really what you meant when you looked online for advice on how to delete a sent WhatsApp message. Our guess is you've sent a message and immediately regretted it, and now you're desperate to pull it back before it's read.

Right now, the only chance you have to do this is if the message has not already left your phone. If you see a tick beside the message it's already been sent (two ticks and it's been delivered, and two blue ticks and it's been read).

Delete a WhatsApp message before it is read with Delete for Everyone

The good news is this functionality is coming to WhatsApp soon. Dubbed 'Delete for Everyone', the feature is currently in testing.

A Twitter profile focused on WhatsApp beta information suggests that it is working as intended, and merely needs to be enabled for users.

A later Tweet suggested that WhatsApp will also remove the message notification.

Currently when you press and hold a message you get the option only to delete it, but it is said that in the update you will also see options to edit or revoke the message.

Delete for Everyone will work with all types of WhatsApp messages, whether they are text messages, videos, images, GIFs or documents. It will also work on both iOS and Android.

However, in order for a message to be recalled it needs to have been sent in the past five minutes, and clearly it must be removed before the recipient has read it (before the two blue ticks appear).

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