Because of the simple way that Windows 8 imports images to your PC through the Photos app you can end up with hundreds of images on your PC. The Photos app is still fairly basic and all you can really do is use it to run a slideshow and, of course, share pictures through the Share charm. Open the photos app, right click on an image to select it, then launch the share charm before choosing how to show off your images - it’s all very basic.

To give you more control over your pictures Microsoft has a free application that can help you more closely manage your photos. Windows Photo Gallery can help you manage all your files and do much, much more.

To get the application simply go to Microsoft’s website and search Windows Photo Gallery. The software is part of the Windows Essentials 2012 suite of tools so you’ll get all the other applications too.

With the Photo Gallery application you can set the software to automatically import and sort your images with details added by your digital camera. This way you can sort your pictures by date, size, make of camera and more. As well as this you can add your own information, such as captions and tags. You can tag people in your pictures and add your own ratings making them even easier to manage.

Once you’ve imported images and added your own captions and tags you can easily search them to find your favourites and effortlessly edit them too. With Photo Gallery you can crop, remove red-eye and straighten wonky images as well as retouch them.

Photo Gallery gives you more than just a simple way to organise your images as plenty of other tools are built-in. However, it remains an easy and yet powerful way of making sure that you keep on top of all those digital pictures.

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