Red-eye is the scourge of a good family photo. Here's how to remove red-eye from photos using photo-editing software.

That all-too-familiar red eye effect is caused by bright light from a camera's flash reflecting from someone's retinas. You can prevent it by using the technique of bounce flash – reflecting the light from the flash off the ceiling, or select your camera's own anti-red-eye flash mode.

You could also try turning off the flash and using the available light instead, although this might result in camera shake due to a slower shutter speed. Fortunately, correcting red-eye in photos is easy and effective.

Zoom in so that the eyes are large on the screen. Select ‘Red Eye Correction', which you'll find on the Tools tab, and drag a box around the offending portion of each eye to remove the redness. To prevent over-correction, PhotoScape tends to err on the side of removing too little of the red so you might end up with a red halo around the corrected portion of the eye. If this happens, you'll have to remove the remaining redness yourself.

There are several ways you could do this but one of the easiest and most effective is to use the clone stamp. We'll look at how to use this powerful tool below when we explain how to remove unwanted objects.

This article is part of our Fix your photos for free feature, and uses the free Photoscape image editor from The principles apply to other image editing software, but the steps below explain how to achieve the fix in Photoscape.

How to remove red-eye: before and after

Remove red-eye

You can use Photoscape or other image-editing software to remove red-eye...

Remove red-eye

...turning this...

Remove red-eye

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