It is important to change the default username and password on your wireless router or modem router, for security reasons (otherwise it is easy to guess the details and access your router). But one reader asked us how to change the default username and password on a wireless router.

Our Helproom Editor explains how to change the default password and username on a router.

QUESTION I can't work out how to change the default username and password to access the web interface for my Asus RT-N56U Black Diamond wireless router. Even tech support were unable to help me. I'd be surprised if it wasn't possible, however, since it's a basic security requirement. Can you help me? Gordon Wright

HELPROOM ANSWER It is indeed possible to change the admin password for your Asus router, Gordon. Open the web interface and click the Advanced Setting tab at the side of the window. Choose Administration, then select System from the row of tabs in the main panel. Enter your new password, re-type it below, then click Apply to save your changes.

Asus Router Password interface

Asus router password interface

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