Windows Phone software update

Whether you're running Windows Phone 7.5 or Windows Phone 8 you're going to want to know how to download install the latest version of the operating system. Here's how to update your Windows Phone handset.

As with other mobile operating systems, Microsoft releases Windows Phone software updates to bring new features, improve performance and fix bugs. You'll want to download and install the latest version to get the most benefit from your handset. See also: Nokia Lumia 1020 preview.

So that's why we've put this guide together and we'll explain how to download updates automatically, check for updates manually and then how to install them.

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How to download Windows Phone updates automatically

Step One

Head to the App list (only a swipe away from the Start screen) and tap Settings.

Step Two

Now hit 'Phone update'.

Step Three

Tap the 'Automatically download updates if my data settings allow it' tick box.

Note: Updates won't be downloaded if data settings on your phone prevent it. Data Sense and Battery Saver can limit how your phone uses data.

How to check for updates manually

For starters, follow step one and two from the previous section of this guide.

Step Three

Click 'Check for updates'.

A word from Microsoft on the matter: "Windows Phone will let you know when new updates are available. If you check manually for an expected update and your phone appears to be up to date, it may be that it isn't available yet for your specific phone, mobile operator, or market."

How to install an update

Whether you've downloaded an update automatically or found one manually, here's how to then install it.

Step One

Click 'Install'.

Step Two

Hit 'Show details'.

Step Three

Hit 'Install' again.

Your Windows Phone will restart, and then install the update. Tap Done when it has finished.

Note: You can also click Postpone if you want to install the update later.

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