Galaxy S3

If you regularly charge up your Android smartphone via USB from a laptop, it can be annoying when the laptop goes to sleep if you are inactive. But you don't want your laptop to become an insommniac, as that will wear out its parts. In this story our Helproom Editor explainst how to stop your laptop screen turning off when your phone is charging. See also: Group test: what's the best smartphone?

QUESTION I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 that I keep plugged in and on charge next to my laptop. How can I stop the screen from automatically turning off when the phone is on charge, but then resume normal timeout behaviour when unplugged?

HELPROOM ANSWER The Galaxy S III has an option for this, but it's not located where you might expect to find it in the Display settings. Instead, you must go to Settings, Developer Options and tick the box next to Stay Awake.

This option won't be available on all Android smartphones, and some operators may even remove it from the Galaxy S III.

If this is the case with your handset, look for a Car Mode option. Alternatively, you can try downloading the AnyScreenTimeout app from Google Play, which allows you to set any screen-timeout value from 0 secs to 99 mins 55 secs or never. See also: Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Apple iPhone 5 comparison review.

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