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Here's how to make your BlackBerry phone's ringtone your favourite song.

BlackBerry phones are great for business communications, but plenty of BlackBerry users love to use their smartphones as media players, too. Why not combine the two and set one of your favourite songs as a ringtone? Here's how to set a song as your ringtone on your BlackBerry.

We've done it for both our BlackBerry 10-running BlackBerry Z10, and for older BlackBerry handsets. The process is different for each OS. (See also: BlackBerry Z10 review - BlackBerry 10 phone review and BlackBerry 10 review - BlackBerry 10 features, performance and gripes.)

How to set a song as a ringtone on BlackBerry 10

Open up 'Settings'. It's the app represented by a cog icon on your phone's home screen.

BlackBerry 10 System Settings

In Settings, select 'Notifications'. Then scroll down to 'Phone', under the heading 'Notifications/Alerts'. Make sure the 'Sound' slider is switched across to On. And hit the bar marked 'Tone'. Scroll down to the bottom and 'Browse Music...', and choose that. Now you can head to the 'Music' folder and choose a song to be your ringtone. It's as simple as that.

BlackBerry 10 System Settings

Set a song as a ringtone on other BlackBerry phones

We've gone through this process on a BlackBerry Torch, but it is broadly the same on any pre-BlackBerry 10 handset.

From the Home screen, find and click the 'Sound and Alert Profiles' icon, then select 'Change Sounds and Alerts'. Now find and click 'Sounds for Selected Profile'.

Now click 'Phone'. In the Ring Tone field click 'All Music' and then choose the song you want. Save your choice and you are good to go!

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