The freedom that a laptop gives you to work anywhere is truly incredible. Depending on your setup you can take a high-powered workstation out of the office and into the garden simply by picking it up. Crunch through spreadsheets with hundreds of thousands of entries, create 3D models and reply to work emails - all from the comfort of a sun lounger. 

Lightweight construction, processors that require much less power than their predecessors and long-life batteries all go together to make this possible. However, the LCD screen of a laptop is still a weakness. No matter how bright the screen is there are situations where on a sunny day the display will just look washed out. You can buy an anti-glare screen that will help sort this issue out, these are especially useful if you plan to spend plenty of time outside. 

Of course, there' not much point taking your laptop outdoors unless you can get online. Thankfully plenty of routers will allow you to extend your Wi-Fi coverage. Most manufacturers will offer the ability to extend an existing network with their device, but make sure to check before you buy. 

Remember to have some security setup on your PC in case the worst happens and it gets swiped from beneath your gaze. As well as having a strong password for each of the user accounts check out PC tracking applications that you can use to let you know where your laptop is at all times. If your laptop has fingerprint recognition or other security features built-in make sure to use them.

It doesn’t take much planning to take advantage of the portability of your laptop and get in the great outdoors rather than being chained to your desk. 

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