The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 16 airs in the UK tonight. Here's how to watch The Walking Dead online and on any device. Also see: How to watch US Netflix in the UK.

Like all popular TV series and films there will almost certainly be people uploading The Walking Dead Season 7 torrents or hosting illegal streams of the programme. In this article we will show you the legal way to watch The Walking Dead Season 7 in the UK.

When is The Walking Dead next on?

The Walking Dead Season 7 UK release date: 24 October 2016 (first half); 13 February 2017 (second half)

The Walking Dead Season 7 US release date: 23 October 2016 (first half); 12 February 2017 (second half)

The Walking Dead returned to AMC with Season 7 on Sunday 23 October in the US, and in the UK on Fox UK on Monday 24 October at 9pm. The mid-season finale aired on 12 December in the UK (11 December in the US), but returned to our screens in mid-February.

The next episode is 7.16, the season finale, which airs at 9pm on Fox UK on Monday 3 April 2017. This episode airs a day earlier in the US on the evening of Sunday 2 April on AMC.

How to watch on Sky & Virgin Media

In the UK The Walking Dead is shown on Fox UK. If you're a Sky or Virgin Media customer you will have this channel as part of your subscription, shown on channel 124 on Sky, and 157 and 199 on Virgin, and you'll be able to watch live or catch up with episodes using the associated mobile apps. If you don't subscribe to either of these services, we'll look at a few other ways you can watch The Walking Dead Season 7 online below.

How to watch on BT Broadband & BT TV

If you are a BT Broadband customer with BT TV as part of your subscription you will have free access to AMC, which is the UK version of the US channel that will be used to broadcast The Walking Dead Season 7. The Walking Dead will not be shown on AMC UK, but AMC UK will broadcast Fear The Walking Dead. BT TV customers can buy The Walking Dead episodes from the BT store.

How to watch on TalkTalk Broadband & TalkTalk TV

If you are a TalkTalk Essentials TV or Plus TV customer you'll have a YouView box through which you can stream The Walking Dead Season 7. You'll need to buy an Entertainment Boost, which adds Fox, Watch, Comedy Central, Dsicovery, Sky 1, Sky Living and more to your account for an extra £5 a month (for three months; £10 thereafter).

TalkTalk TV is also accessible through YouView.

How to watch on Now TV

Now TV is a subscription-based service much like Netflix and Amazon Prime, and our preferred method of watching The Walking Dead Season 7 online if you do not subscribe to Sky or Virgin.

In order to watch The Walking Dead Season 7 online through Now TV you will need to subscribe to the £6.99 Entertainment Pass, which gives you access to 11 paid-TV channels not available on Freeview, including Fox UK. You also get Sky Atlantic, Sky 1, Gold, Sky Living, ITV Encore, Sky Arts, Comedy Central, MTV, Discovery Channel, Nat Geo Wild, ABC Studios and Viceland.

Now TV also offers more than 250 on-demand TV boxsets, plus catch-up facilities. As a bonus, previous seasons of The Walking Dead are available for those who are only just getting into the series.

You don't need a Sky subscription to watch Now TV; nor do you need a Now TV box - apps are available for Chromecast, PlayStation, Xbox, Roku, LG smart TVs, Windows and Mac, and iOS and Android.

How to watch on Amazon Prime Instant Video

The Walking Dead Season 7 will be available through Amazon Prime Instant Video but, sadly, not as part of your subscription. Based on the prices it is currently charging for Season 6, you'll pay £1.89 per episode (or £2.49 in HD), or you can buy the entire season for £19.99 (SD; £24.99 HD).

How to watch on iTunes & Google Play Movies & TV

You can buy The Walking Dead Season 7 through iTunes on your iPad, iPhone or Apple computer for £24.99 (£29.99 in HD).

The Walking Dead Season 7 will also be available on Google Play Movies & TV, and you can buy the entire season for £24.99.

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