Want to see Stephen Curry from the Golden State Warriors or LeBron James from the Cleveland Cavaliers win the NBA playoff Finals? Here's the best way to watch the games in the UK.

How to watch NBA playoff Finals online: What is the NBA Finals?

The final showdown between two teams who have fought through a series of matches to reach the Finals - and ironically it's the same two teams who made it last year, where we saw the Warriors take the series with a 4-2 win. The Finals, like the other matches within the playoffs are done over a 7-leg showdown, best of seven wins.

This is the first time since 2008, where the first seed of the Easter Conference (Cavaliers) and Western Conference (Warriors) go head-to-head against each other.

NBA Finals 2016 - Stephen Curry

Most are anticipating a tight game, with it going all the way to the wire. The favourites are the Warriors, with their incredibly impressive 73-9 record in their own Conference. With such a low number of losses and the incredible 4-3 comeback against Oklahoma City Thunder (being 1-3 down) - the odds are in favour of the Warriors, with Stephen Curry the MVP leading the line. 

Even as a non-basketball fan, the Finals should make for an amazing set of games, especially when you've got 'Steph Curry with the shots' on TV.

How to watch NBA playoff Finals online: When is the 2016 NBA playoffs final on? 

The 2016 NBA Finals will be played over a course of a few days, with the first game taking place on Friday 3 June at 02:00 BST (that’s early morning UK time). Depending on the number of games we get, we will see the games run in the following order:

  • Game 2: Monday 6 June at 01:00 BST 
  • Game 3: Thursday 9 June at 02:00 BST
  • Game 4: Saturday 11 June at 02:00 BST 
  • Game 5: Tuesday 14 June at 02:00 BST 
  • Game 6: Friday 17 June at 02:00 BST 
  • Game 7: Monday 20 June at 02:00 BST

Unfortunately, for us in the UK and EU, the game times are at anti-social hours, but you can always try to record it through your boxset.

How to watch NBA playoff finals online: How to watch the NBA Finals

In the UK, BT Sport has the rights to broadcast NBA games. BT Sport will therefore broadcast on TV, online and through their app on BT Sport 1. You'll need to be a BT Sport customer to watch the games, but thankfully you won't need to pay anything extra to watch the games, as BT Sport 1 comes free with almost every BT contract. Read our guide on how to get BT Sport.

The BT Sport app can be downloaded for free through on Apple's App Store and be found on the Android Play Store.

NBA Finals 2016 - LeBron JamesImage credits: The Source

If you don't have BT Sport, you'll have to wait for highlights on the Motion Station's YouTube channel, or on NBA's channel. If you're in the US, you'll be able to stream it through ABC's TV channel (9pm ET).

You can always get NBA's own GameTime app, but that will set you back quite a lot of money, even to watch only one game.

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