We all know the dangers of giving away too much information about our personal lives on social-networking sites such as Facebook, so it's important to accept friend requests only from people you know and trust, locking down your profile from strangers. But sometimes this isn't enough, and we want to keep certain details from particular groups of friends - that our boss or our mum might see dubious holiday snaps or messages written on our Facebook Wall is a daunting thought.

Customising your account settings so that you are aware of who is seeing what can provide peace of mind. You can customise particular sections of your profile for specific friends, allowing them to see only what you let them or blocking others from the content you regularly share. This can be useful if you don’t want to risk a certain friend seeing a potentially embarrassing photo you might be tagged in.
Step one: Log into your Facebook account and click the Account menu at the top right corner of the page. Select ‘Privacy Settings’ from the drop-down list.

FB privacy 1

Step two: Facebook will display a page called ‘Choose your privacy settings’, where all your current privacy settings will be displayed.

FB privacy 2

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Step three: To alter any of the settings shown here or view them in detail, click the ‘Customise settings’ link. This is located below the list of types of content.

FB privacy 3  
Step four: You will now be shown an extensive list of your current settings and who can see what on your profile.

FB privacy 4

Step five: On the right-hand side of each setting is a drop-down box in which you can choose who the specific content is available to. Click the arrow icon and choose ‘Customize’.

FB privacy 5

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Step six: If you're happy for all your friends to see that type of content, choose 'Friends only'. Alternatively, you can opt to let only certain friends see that content by choosing 'Specific people' in the 'Make this visible to these people' field and entering their names. However, if it'll be quicker to block a few people from the content rather than provide access to many, instead enter the names of friends who you do not want to see the content in the 'Hide this from these people’ field. Click 'Save setting'.

FB privacy 6

Step seven: Once you've finished customising your privacy settings, check how your profile will appear to people you haven't added as a friend. Click ‘Preview my Profile’ in the top righthand corner.

FB privacy 7

Step eight: To check how your profile looks to a friend that you have blocked a specific type of content from, enter their name into the box at the top of your profile page.

FB privacy 8