With more than 500 million members, there's no doubt Facebook is one of the web's most popular social networks. But what happens if someone starts harassing you or causing problems from you on the site. Rather than remove yourself completely, you can in fact block the specific offender, so they are unable to contact you through the social network. Here's how.

Step one

Log into Facebook and then select Account from the top right-hand corner. From here click the Privacy settings option.

Step two

Click Edit your lists under the Block lists section at the bottom of the window.

Step three

Enter the name of the person you want to block and then press Block this user. Alternatively you can enter the person's email address. You'll be presented with a list of users with matching name. Select the person that's relevant to you and you'll be taken to their profile.

Step four

Scroll down their profile to Report/block this person on the left-hand side. Select this option.

Step five

You'll be presented with two options, either remove the person as a friend (if you are friends on the social network) or block them. You can also report the profile if there is inappropriate content or you have bullied or harassed by this member. Select the relevant option and then press continue.

Step six

The block will be confirmed once complete. If you change your mind and wish to unblock the person, you can remove them from your block list by pressing Unblock next to their name in the Block list section of the privacy settings.