When it comes to taxing your vehicle, you don't need to head to the Post Office and join the queues of people. The DVLA also offers the ability to apply for your tax disc from the comfort of your own home by using their online site. We show you how.

Step one
You'll need to start by opening the DVLA's dedicated vehicle online services page.

Step two
Click the Apply for tax disc now on the let hand side of the page. It's worth noting you'll need the following information to hand; the 16 digit reference number printed in the green box on the front of your V11 reminder or the 11 digit reference number shown on the front of your Registration Certificate and your vehicle registration number, your DLA404, Certificate of Entitlement, MHS330 or WPA0442 if you claim disability exemption and a credit or debt card for means of payment.

Step three
Next you'll need to confirm you're the registered owner of the vehicle. If you have a valid MOT certificate and the vehicle is insured as well as the fact the tax disc will take five days to arrive, bare in mind that there will be be a surcharge for paying by credit card. Then press Next.

Step four
Now you'll be required to enter the 6 digit reference number on your tax disc reminder form (sent via the DVLA through the post) or your number plate and 11 digit reference code from the registration document. Then click Next.

Step five
Next you'll be asked to confirm the right vehicle according to the DVLA's records is being taxed. Press Next

Step six
Now, you'll need to follow the online instructions regarding the start date of the tax and entering payment details. Once this has been completed, the DVLA will issue your tax disc via the post.