We've ransacked Google Chrome's Web Store for the third-party tools most worthy of your attention. Here, we look at how to use Tesco's Web App.

Step 1. Getting started with Chrome’s Web Apps is sublimely simple. First ensure you’re using Google Chrome 8.0 or 9.0; update your web browser if required. Create or log into your Google account and head to the Web Store. Click on any of the categories to start exploring the apps and extensions.

Tesco Chrome Web App 1

Step 2. If you do everything online from the weekly shop to buying birthday presents, the Shopping section will be useful. Here, you’ll find apps for eBay and Amazon, plus others specially tailored around deals of the week. Since everyone’s got to eat, we’ll focus on Tesco’s well-structured grocery shopping app.

Tesco Chrome Web App 2

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Step 3. Click on an app to access an overview of its features, its rating and the number of people who have already downloaded it. You can also browse the reviews section for other people’s thoughts on an app. Screenshots of the app scroll along the bottom of the overview section to give you a visual idea of what to expect.

Tesco Chrome Web App 3

Step 4. Once you’ve taken the plunge and decided to add Tesco to your existing arsenal of apps, the Welcome page instructs you on the quickest way to proceed. Existing customers need only sign in; everyone else will need to register at Tesco’s website. Simply click on the link provided to redirect your browser here.

Tesco Chrome Web App 4

Step 5. At Tesco.com, simply add your email, postcode and, if you have one, Clubcard number. This will allow you to collect points through the app. If you don’t have Tesco Clubcard, it’s not enough simply to tick the ‘No Clubcard?’ box when registering; you’ll be promoted to sign up online one at the next stage.

Tesco Chrome Web App 5

Step 6. You can now start shopping using the app. Navigation is straightforward, with all goods categorised; once you’ve found the produce you need, simply decide which of the numerous varieties tickles your pallet. Assisted by pictures and clear prices, you can even browse the Offers and Favourites at the top right.

Tesco Chrome Web App 6

Step 7. The standout feature of Tesco’s app is its recipe suggestions. With over 1,000 starters, salads and more to browse, you can filter recipes by course or cuisine. Click one you fancy, and it lists each ingredient with a direct link to buy the product. The only thing it doesn’t provide is step-by-step cooking instructions.

Tesco Chrome Web App 7

Step 8. The app also boasts a Meal Planner. Simply browse through the recipes until you find one you like, then click ‘Add to Planner’. Should you find you can’t wait until the specified day to sample those lamb shanks or roast sea bass, simply drag-and-drop your meals around to create a more preferable eating plan.

Tesco Chrome Web App 8