Accidentally lost some or all of your Google contacts? Well we might be able to help you out so read our guide on how to restore or undelete your Google contacts whether you use them on iOS or Android.

If you've made changes to one or more your Google contacts which you didn't mean to then don't worry because this can be undone. You're also not out of luck if one or more of your contacts have mysteriously disappeared without your say-so.

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Google has built a restore function into Gmail and your contacts which takes your contacts list back to an earlier saved version. This tool can be used for recovering contacts that have been accidentally deleted, restoring contacts after an unsuccessful sync, undoing a recent import or undoing a recent merge.

If you're experiencing any of these problems then follow our step by step guide to attempt to get things back to normal. The changes will be synchronised across your Android smartphones and tablets if you're signed into the same Google account.

Step One

First of all, open your internet browser and sign into your Gmail account.

Gmail sign in

Step Two

Click on 'Gmail' on the left hand side and, using the dropdown box, click on 'Contacts'.

Gmail Google Contacts

Step Three

Click on the 'More' tab underneath the search bar and select 'Restore contacts'.

Google Contacts More

Step Four

In this box you can select a time to restore your contacts back to (up to a maximum of 30 days). Select the time, click 'Restore' and hopefully your contacts will reappear.

Google Contacts Restore

Note: Make a note of the time that you restore your contacts, in case you'd like to return to where you started.

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