Android Ringtone

If you've got an Android smartphone you might want to use your music collection as ringtones. Here's how to set a song as a ringtone on Android.

If you don't use your phone on silent all of the time, you'll probably want a good ringtone. You might find the odd good one amongst the pre-loaded selection but most tend to be dire. So what could be better than to have one of your favourite tracks as a ringtone?

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This process is fairly straightforward, but it can vary between Android devices since there are different versions of the operating system and skins, or overlays, which vendors place over the top.

In general, there is two different ways of making one of your songs a ringtone – via the settings menu or through your music player app.

For starters, make sure you have music on your device to choose from. This might mean moving files to your Android smartphone so see: How to transfer music and files to Android smartphones and tablets.

How to set a song as a ringtone on Android: Settings menu

Step One

Head to the settings menu of your Android smartphone. This can be done via an icon in the apps menu or usually via the notifications bar also.

Step Two

In the settings menu, click the Sound option under Device.

Android settings menu

Step Three

Now click on Phone ringtone or similar.

Android Sound settings

Step Four

Here you need to find an option to set a local song as a ringtone. Here are two examples where, firstly, the musical note icon at the top right takes you to the music player app so you can choose a specific track and, secondly, there is a specific button labelled 'Music library' for carrying out the task.

Android ringtone selection

If you can't find an option in the settings menu then follow the next guide.

How to set a song as a ringtone on Android: Music player

Step One

Find the music player app on your Android smartphone. This will vary between handsets.

Step Two

Browse the songs and find the one you wish to make a ringtone. Once you've found the right track, click the menu button (or long press on the track).

Step Three

There should be an option to set the selected track as the phone's ringtone. Select this option if it is there.

Androud music player ringtone option

You should have now selected a song to be your Android smartphone's ringtone.

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