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If you've got an Android smartphone or tablet then you've probably got a whole bunch of apps. Well here's how to close them properly.

Apps are great and are useful for all sorts of tasks, but you don't want to slow your phone or tablet down by having too many running. They can end up using you data usage and running your battery down.

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Here's a step by step guide on how to properly close down and stop apps running. We've used Android 4.1 Jelly Bean for this article so the procedure may vary depending on your device manufacturer and version of Android.

Step One

Open the recent apps menu of Android. This will vary from device to device. Many Android smartphones and tablet will have a dedicated button for this (shown below). Otherwise, try holding down the home button for a couple of seconds.

Android recent apps button

Step Two

Once recent apps is open, find the app you wish to close and swipe it horizontally off the screen.
This method will close most apps but some will still run in the background in some capacity. Read on if you want to completely shut down an app.

Android recent apps

Step Three

Open the settings menu of your Android device.

Step Four

Click on Apps or Application Settings.

Android settings menu

Step Five

Find and click on the app which you wish to close.

Android running apps

Step Six

Hit Stop.

Android stop app

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