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If you own an Android smartphone or tablet you may have subscribed to apps or magazines. So here's how to manage and cancel your Android subscriptions on the Google Play Store.

Although a lot of apps on the Google Play Store are free, you may have to subscribe to them. Sky Sports TV is a good example: the app is free but it costs £4.99 per month to actually receive live broadcasts.

Many magazines in the Play Store offer a free trial subscription but if you don't cancel it before it ends you can end up paying the full monthly price.

A word of caution: Simply uninstalling an app from your device will not cancel your subscription so follow this step by step guide to avoid any accidental payments.

Step One

Open the Google Play Store on your Android smartphone or tablet.

Step Two

Open the My Apps section via the Google Play Store menu.

Google Play Store menu my apps

Step Three

To the left of Installed apps is a list of your subscriptions. Here you can select the one you wish to cancel.

Google Play Store subscriptions

Step Four

Click the Cancel button and confirm the action by hitting Yes.

Google Play Store cancel subscription

Google Play Store cancel subscription confirm

Your subscription will now be cancelled and you will be able to carry on using the service until the end of your subscription period. Google will send you a confirmation email.

NB This method also works from another Android device you own (if you're logged into the same account) even if you don't have the subscribed app or content downloaded. However, you'll need to go to the app listing to cancel rather than the list of active subscriptions.

Until recently you couldn't cancel or manage subscriptions on the Google Play Store via a web browser.

Since you can now do this, simply log into the Play Store online and head to the app or magazine you want to cancel. There will be a cancel button which will end your subscription.

Google Play Store web subscriptions

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