Every high-tech kitchen should have a tablet on which budding chefs can quickly pull up their favourite recipes, whether they're stored on the web, jotted down from memory, or recommended by others. ChefTap for Android does exactly this; here, we show you how to use it, making your cooking instructions easily accessible, and your time in the kitchen far less stressful.

ChefTap for Android

Step 1. Download and launch the free ChefTap app from Google Play. ChefTap offers five recipes to start you off; you can import more using a number of methods. If you’re a member of Allrecipes or Epicurious, you can sync your saved recipes by tapping Options, Add Recipe, ‘Sync recipe box’. See Best Android apps.

ChefTap 1

Step 2. You can also manually copy and paste or type in recipes. Tap Options, Add Recipe, ‘Type or paste manually’. Enter a title for your recipe, the necessary ingredients (ChefTap recommends one per line), and the cooking instructions (with a carriage return after each step). Add an image by tapping the camera icon. See Android Advisor.

ChefTap 2

Step 3. Alternatively, you can import recipes from the internet. The simplest method is to tap Options, Add Recipe, ‘Enter a URL to import’. Next, enter the web address for the recipe you wish to add, then tap Ok. A message in Android’s Notifications bar confirms that the recipe is being imported. See more tablet apps.

ChefTap 3

Step 4. If you have recipes stored as bookmarks in Android’s native browser, tap Options, Add Recipe, ‘Search bookmarks for recipes’, and ChefTap will add them to your collection. And if you later come across recipes you like while browsing the web, simply select Options, Share Page, ChefTap to add them to your library.

ChefTap 4

Step 5. It’s easy enough to edit any recipes you’ve imported into ChefTap if you find they aren’t displaying correctly. Tap the recipe to open it, then tap on the text you want to change. For the title, for example, you can select a new title from those it suggests or type in your own. Tap Done to save your changes.

ChefTap 5

Step 6. As with the title, you can change the ingredients list and method by tapping on the text and selecting one of the options offered by ChefTap. To replace the recipe’s image, tap ‘Add a picture’. You can take a photo using the camera built into your Android device, import one from the Gallery, or point to one online.

ChefTap 6

Step 7. Once you’ve imported your recipes, ChefTap offers two view modes, accessible under its Pictures and List tabs. In Pictures mode, tapping a large image of a particular dish expands the recipe in the main window. You can also use the magnifying glass icon in the top-right corner to search for a specific recipe.

ChefTap 7

Step 8. With a recipe open, click the Step-by-step tab to list the ingredients and cooking instructions side by side (you’ll need to have your device in landscape mode). Use the arrows to cycle through each step. If you’re cooking multiple recipes, clicking the Back key will store the recipe in the Now cooking menu.

ChefTap 8