Nuisance calls are one of the modern evils of the world. Whether it’s sales, marketing, or just specific people you don’t like, having your phone ring at all hours only to find these unwanted interlopers interrupting your day is no fun at all.

Of course, if you’re in the UK, you can sign up to the Telephone Preference Service, which does its best to stop unwanted calls, but some of the more persistent offenders often manage to sneak through.

So what can you do on your Android phone to stop the madness? In this feature we’ll take a look at the options open to you, and hopefully return your life to the peaceful, robot-salesperson-less way it was meant to be. Also see: How to block a number on an iPhone

How to block a number

There are three main options for blocking a number on Android:

• Contact your mobile operator

• Check your Settings menu for an auto-reject list

• Use a third-party app such as TrueCaller

As the layout of Android tends to vary on different handsets, we’ve separated the methods by manufacturer, but many of the same principles apply on most platforms. So if you don’t see your particular model listed, try using the other solutions provided.

There are some phones that don’t allow the feature directly, and in those cases you can use third-party solutions, a couple of which we’ve also included in our guide.

Of course if you’re thinking of upgrading to a new model, then do check out our guide to the Best Android Phones of 2017.

Block a number using your phone's own settings

Block a number on a Samsung phone

To block a number on a Samsung phone open the Phone app and tap the three dots in the top right corner. From the menu that appears choose Settings, Block numbers. You can enter a phone number here to block a specific number, or enable the toggle to block all unknown callers. See all Android tutorials.

To block a number from your Call history, tap on the round circle with a head in it next to the number, then tap the three dots at the top right corner of the page and choose Block number.

Block a number on an LG phone

On an LG phone you should open the Phone app, select the Call logs tab, then tap the three dots at the top right and choose Call settings. Under General choose 'Call blocking and decline with message'. Choose blocked numbers, tap the + sign, then select either Contacts, Call logs or New number. Select or enter the number to block, then tap Done.

From the call log you should also be able to block a specific number by selecting it, tapping the three dots at the top right and choosing Block number, Block. Also see: How to prevent nuisance calls.

Block a number on an HTC phone

On the HTC U11, for example, you can block specific numbers by opening the People app and choosing Manage Contacts from the menu. Choose Blocked Contacts, then tap Add to specify a number to block. You can either select an existing contact and tap Save, or enter a new phone number and tap OK.

You can also block a number from your Call history by long-pressing it and choosing Block contact, OK. Also see: Android Advisor.

Use a third-party solution to block a number on Android

While the above manufacturers have made it quite simple to rid yourself of annoying telemarketers and their ilk, several others have omitted this option from their platforms.

Thankfully, when you can’t block callers from your phone’s operating systems you can still turn to third-party solutions.

If you use antivirus software on your phone, such as Avast, then you’ll often find the feature included in the service. Otherwise you can download dedicated apps such as Truecaller or Mr Number, which provide the same kind of solutions as those on the phones listed above.

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