Samsung's Galaxy S4 lets you customise the Lock screen with multiple widgets, a personal message, dual clocks when roaming and more. Or you can just get rid of that irritating 'Life companion' message that pops up every time you want to use your smartphone. Here's how to edit the Samsung Galaxy S4's Lock screen. 

There are two ways to access the Lock screen settings on the Samsung Galaxy S4: tap and hold the 'Life companion' slogan on the Lock screen and drag down, then click the edit icon that appears at the bottom-right corner; or open Settings, choose the My device tab, then tap Lock screen. See our Samsung Galaxy S4 review.

Access the Samsung Galaxy S4's Lock screen settings

The default Samsung Galaxy S4 Lock screen has a large 'Life companion' slogan with the time and date displayed below. You can replace this message with a personal greeting of your own (the text will automatically resize to fill the space available), change the font and colour, or get rid of it altogether. Read more Android tutorials.

With the text highlighted simply use the drop-down menu below to change the font, the swatches to alter the colour, and the onscreen keyboard to either replace or delete the text. Once you're done hit Save at the top right corner of the screen.

Edit the Samsung Galaxy S4's Lock screen message

It's also possible to add to the Samsung Galaxy S4's Lock screen multiple widgets and quick-access links to your favourite apps. Go to Settings, open the My device tab, and choose Lock screen. Enable Multiple widgets. 

You can add widgets to the Galaxy S4's Lock screen by swiping left-to-right from the Lock screen, tapping the plus icon and choosing a widget from the list. These are resizable by tapping and holding, then dragging your finger. 

Add widgets to the Samsung Galaxy S4's Lock screen

A right-to-left swipe setting from the Lock screen will open the Camera app or provide a list of your favourite apps, depending on your settings (see Settings, My device, Lock screen, 'Lock screen widgets', 'Favourite apps or camera'). Favourite apps can be added or removed from this list by clicking the Edit icon, then clicking the minus icon to remove apps and the plus icon to select alternatives. Hit the tick icon when you're happy. 

Access your favourite apps from the Samsung Galaxy S4's Lock screen

Other options within 'Lock screen widgets' allow you to give prominence to either the clock or a personal message, show a dual clock while roaming, display the date, alter the clock size and add owner information. 

Return to Settings, My device, Lock screen to edit or toggle off the shortcuts shown at the bottom of the Samsung Galaxy S4's Lock screen, and switch the 'Light' unlock effect for a 'Ripple' effect.

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