Android message alert

So you've got an Android smartphone but you're board of the default message alert. Well here's how to change your text message alert on Android.

If you don't use your phone on silent then your message alert is important. Even if you like the default one it might be best to change it so you don't think it's your phone going off when it's actually someone else with the same model.

It's a simple thing to do on your smartphone and can be done in just a few simple steps. Normally you'll have a range of pre-loaded message tones or alerts to choose from but some devices might let you choose a track from your music library instead for that more personal feel.

How to change your text message alert on Android

Step One

Android settings iconOpen the settings menu of your Android smartphone. This can be done via an icon in the apps menu or usually via the notifications bar too.

Step Two

From the settings menu, click the Sound option under Device.

Android Sound settings

Step Three

Select the Default notification option which is found under the Ringtone & Vibration section of the menu.

Android default notification

Step Four

From the list select the message alert you wish to use. Selecting one should give you a preview of what it sounds like. Hit done when you've selected the one you want.

You might also be able to choose a song from your media library as an alert. In this case, a Sony Xperia Z running Jelly Bean, the music note button is where this is accessed.

Android default notification selection

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