Nintendo hosted a special dedicated Splatoon 2 Nintendo Direct event on 6 July to show off new features, weapons, and maps from the game, as well as hint at its ongoing DLC plans.

You can recap the announcements by watching the video above (the announcements start from 10:00 so skip ahead). 

The presentation was was 30 minutes long, and a lot was said. Nintendo showed off Splatoon 2's new hub area in detail, going through a few of the stores where you'll be able to buy and customise clothing and weapons.

The video also went through the new main, sub, and special weapons, showing off the likes of an ink gatling gun and new weapon categories like Sloshers and Blasters. 

There are also a few new game modes beyond the default Turf War, and we got a better look at the new co-op Salmon Run mode, the single-player campaign, and even a rhythm game hidden away as a little bonus.

Read about the new announcements in more detail in our dedicated Splatoon 2 guide.

What is Nintendo Direct?

Ninendo Direct is the legendary Japanese gaming company's way of communicating with both the press and fans. It's namely for making news announcements for new games including features and release dates. Read: The most anticipated games of 2017.

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How to watch Nintendo Direct live video stream or replay

If you're keen to watch the Nintendo Direct for Splatoon 2, then you're in luck. We've embedded the Nintendo live stream (or final video for replay if you missed it) at the top of the page.

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