How to watch the Champions League Final online and for free. How to watch the Champions League Final via laptop or PC, or on your smartphone or tablet. Watch Juventus play Barcelona live, online and for free. (See also How to watch The Ashes 2015 online, on PC, laptop, tablet and smartphone.)

How to watch the Champions League Final online for free: when is the Champions League Final?

The Champions League Final will be played this Saturday, June 6, in Berlin. The kick off is 7.45pm UK time, and Juventus will play Barcelona for what used to be known as the European Cup. Let's examine how you can watch. (See also: 49 best phones for 2015: Best smartphones you can buy in the UK.)

How to watch the Champions League Final online for free: UK broadcasters

In the UK there are two major broadcasters offering live coverage of the Champions League Final, Sky Sports, and ITV. There is, therefore, only one free choice for online viewing: ITV. (See also: How to watch The Open golf online.)

To watch ITV online, you need to have a TV Licence (or at least there needs to be one in the house in which you live). Let's move on quickly. (See also: how to get Sky remote to control TV's volume.)

Sky Sports is a pay TV broadcaster. If you are not already a Sky Sports subscriber you are unlikely to want to shell out for an annual contract in order to watch one game of football. But with Sky's Now TV you can pay on a one-off basis and watch online. You can get a day pass for just £6.99, and that offers access to all of Sky Sports output on Saturday. We have details of Sky Now pricing and how to use Sky Now here.

How to watch the Champions League Final online for free: watch FA Cup Final on PC, smartphone or tablet

You can watch live programmes via the ITV iPlayer, on PC, smart TV, games console, smartphone or tablet. In all cases you can access the ITV Player via the ITV website. If you are watching via a web browser, however, I would suggest you simply pop along to the ITV Sport website on which the game will be live streamed. It just saves you faffing around.

On your games console or smart TV, I would suggest that the easiest way to watch the Champions League Final online is to utilise the ITV Player app. But if you are accessing the game on smartphone or tablet, instead install the dedicated ITV Sport app, and you can stream the game from there.

As ever, be aware that if you are streaming over a cellular connection you will use a lot of data in two hours of watching a football match. If you can, make sure you are using Wi-Fi. (Unless you have 4G or a particularly bad Wi-Fi connection, this is likely to be a better experience anyway.) See also: How to connect a laptop to TV with HDMI and more.

How to listen to the Champions League Final online for free

Sometimes the pictures are better on the radio, right? As with the TV, there are two broadcasters offering free radio commentary of this weekend's Champions League Final. And unlike with the TV coverage, one of them is the BBC.

You can access BBC Five Live via web browser at the iPlayer website and via the BBC Sport website. But, again, if you are using a smartphone or tablet we would suggest using either the BBC Sport app or the BBC iPlayer Radio app. (Radio commentary will be available right next door to the TV feed on the BBC Sport app.)

Not everyone finds the BBC's radio coverage of football to their taste, and so we have a choice. The other radio coverage comes from TalkSport. If you like your sports coverage less comfortable and cosy, but more replete with live odds, adverts and the drivers of white vans, you can listen live to TalkSport via, or the TalkSport app. (And before TalkSport PR gets in touch: I know that my tongue-in-cheek quip about 'white van drivers' is not really representative of the TalkSport audience, the majority of which are ABC1 demographic. I thank you.)

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