One reader wrote in experiencing a problem with Vodafone Mobile Broadband's 3G USB dongle. Although it could pull down data from the internet, he couldn't surf the web. Our Helproom Editor was able to help.

QUESTION I use Vodafone Mobile Broadband with a 3G USB dongle to access the internet on my PC. I can't access any websites, yet other applications such as Windows Live Messenger appear to be online. The browser returns the following error message: ‘HTTP Error 403. The service you requested is restricted and not available to your browser.

The restriction can be based on your IP address, host name, browser software, time of day or other variables. Most likely you requested a service that was made available to a restricted subnet'. I've tried restarting the computer but it hasn't fixed the problem. Please help me find a solution. Will Black

HELPROOM ANSWER Vodafone's support forums reveal that many users have periodically experienced this problem. You're on the right lines by restarting your PC; however, since this doesn't completely cut the power to USB devices you will also need to unplug the dongle. Disconnect the dongle in the Mobile Broadband software, then unplug the device and restart the machine. Reinsert the dongle once Windows has loaded.

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