An always-on internet connection brings with it many advantages and one of those is online storage

Until a few years ago broadband connections weren’t really fast or reliable enough for people to store all their documents in the cloud. These days it’s difficult to go somewhere and not be able to connect to the internet so keeping all your documents online is much more achievable.

Even in places where you can’t get hold of wired internet connections mobile 3G and soon 4G speeds are so fast and pervasive that broadband-like speeds wherever you are is on the cards.

Loads of internet services offer the carrot of free options to entice you to sign up and test out their products. Online storage is a very crowded marketplace at the moment so it’s possible to get plenty of cloud storage space for nothing. Naturally, the companies are hoping that you outgrow the free offering and join up to the paid service.

Perhaps the most obvious online storage tool to go for is from Microsoft. The SkyDrive service integrates seamlessly with Windows 8 and offers you a healthy 7GB of space. If you’re after the simplest way to keep your files in the cloud then this is probably the best option to go for as a Windows 8 user. The are offerings from Google with its Drive service and a popular tool called Dropbox is also available.

All of the online tools will allow you to share files with others very easily and have payment plans that allow you to pay for more space should you need it.
Whichever storage tool you decide to use the ability to access your documents wherever you are is very convenient. No matter which device you’re on you’ll be able to log in and get to your files and best of all, in many cases completely for free.

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