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Our Helproom Editor explains how you can find out about ISPs and broadband providers in your area.

QUESTION I'm considering changing broadband providers as my ISP has recently been bought by a large corporation of whom I don't wish to become a customer. How can I find out easily what services are available, specifically FTTC ones, from my exchange without having to contact all the providers individually?

HELPROOM ANSWER You can find out a wealth of useful information about broadband availability from your exchange by visiting From the menu on the left, select UK Broadband Availability and then Exchange Search. You can then enter your town name, postcode, phone number or official exchange code to locate your exchange in the system.

The site will then provide detailed information about the broadband services available. You can see from this page whether FTTC (Fibre to the cabinet) services are available as well as a list of broadband providers enabled at the exchange.

For general broadband advice you can, of course, visit PC Advisor's own Broadband Advisor microsite. We've also got our own broadband price comparison site so you can ensure you have got the best deal on your chosen broadband package.

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