Noise cancelling headphones use tiny microphones to assess the ambient noise and filter it out. This leaves you completely immersed in your audio and not distracted by the sounds around you. Noise cancelling headphones are great for when you’re on the road travelling - they can drown out the background hum of an aeroplane’s engines or allow you to get some peace and quiet in the departure lounge.

Good noise cancelling headphones aren’t always cheap but the job they do can be invaluable when you just want to escape the world around you.

The PXC 450 2.0 headphones from Sennheiser offer high-quality audio and active noise cancelling technology taken directly from their aviation headsets. You put the headphones on, turn them on and can instantly hear the difference. You’d be forgiven for simply expecting that as the price tag is quite hefty at around £259. For the money though the build and audio quality is exceptional. The headphones come with a carry case and fold neatly so that you can take them away without taking up too much room in your luggage as well.

As the Sennheisher headphones use active noise cancelling they need power, which is provided though a single AAA battery in the ear cup. Here, you’ll also find a volume control and a useful mute feature. Simply tap on the button and your audio is muted and the external sound piped in – a sort of reverse noise cancelling. This means that you can hear what someone is saying without removing the headphones.

There’s no escaping the fact that the PXC 450 are and expensive set of headphones, but the audio they provide and noise cancelling quality are truly exceptional.

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