At Apple's annual music event in San Francisco last night, Steve Jobs announced redesigned versions of every flavour of Apple's iPod, including the iPod touch.

The new iPod touch is even thinner than the current model, and this iPod has a front-facing camera with FaceTime. Like the Apple iPhone 4 it has an HD Retina display: 4X pixels, 326 ppi, 24-bit colour LED. It will run iOS 4.1 with GameCenter, has a 3-axis gyro and a second, rear-facing camera.

Here's how to use Facetime on the iPod touch.


1. FaceTime is perhaps the most impressive new feature on the iPod touch. At the tap of a button you can see the faces of your friends, and they can see you.

2. Setting up a FaceTime 'call' is easy – as long as you have a WiFi connection. Before you start you will need to enter your Apple ID and email address on your iPod touch. Face Time connections are set up via your email address (unlike on the iPhone where it's your phone number).

3. Now tap the FaceTime app and go through your list of contacts to find a friend who has set up FaceTime calling on their iPod touch, or who has Face Time on their iPhone. Once you find the person you want to connect click FaceTime to request a connection.

4. An invitation pops up on their iPod touch or iPhone 4 screen asking if your friend wants to join you. When they accept, your FaceTime 'call' begins.

5. FaceTime calls work in both portrait and landscape, and you can use the camera on the back of the iPod to show your friend where you are.