Last week, Swedish music streaming service Spotify revealed it plans to rival Apple by giving all of its users the ability to manage the tracks stored on their iPods, iPhones and Google Android handsets.

Apple iPhone and Android users can download a free app that gives them the ability to sync tracks and playlists stored on their PC with their device using the smartphone's Wi-Fi connection. We show you how.

Step one
To begin with, you need to make sure your PC and your smartphone are connected to the same wireless network. So if your PC's using an Ethernet connection, swap to Wi-Fi. You can do this using the Network and Sharing Centre, which can be accessed via the Control Panel in Windows.

Step two
Start Spotify on your PC. Now launch the Spotify app on your Android handset or iPhone.

Step three
Your smartphone will now be displayed under the 'Devices' tab on the left-hand side of the Spotify window. Click on the device you want to sync.

Step four
Select the playlists you want to be able to access when your smartphone is offline. When syncing your phone with Spotify no content will be removed, unlike when syncing an iPod. However, it's worth noting unless you have the Premium version of Spotify, which costs £9.99 per month, you will be unable to play any tracks you don't own on your phone whether online or offline.