Stream music and video to iPad

Here's our guide on how to stream music and video to your iPad (also works on iPhone and iPod touch).

If you've got an iPad then you might want to use it to listen to music or watch video content. And unless you've splashed out on a high capacity model, storage is likely to be limited. Well streaming could solve your problem.

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Streaming music and video to your iPad means you don't need those files to be stored on the tablet itself. You could stream from the internet or content stored on a PC in your house. Below are some of the options available to you and how to implement them.

Stream music and video to your iPad: Apps

Probably the easiest way to stream music or video to your iPad is by using a dedicated app. This could be anything from BBC iPlayer to Spotify. There are countless others including Netflix, ITV Player, and 4OD.

Simply download these from the App Store, make sure you're connected to the internet and get streaming. Some might require a payment or subscription.

Stream music and video to your iPad: Home Sharing with iTunes

The proprietary way of streaming music or video content to your iPad from a computer on your local network is Apple's Home Sharing. This is effectively a way of sharing your iTunes library with other devices, computers or iPad, iPhone, iPod and Apple TV, in your home.

Step 1

To do this, turn on Home Sharing on the computer which has the content you wish to access stored on it. Access this via the Library section of the iTunes menu.Apple iTunes Home Sharing

Step 2

Make sure you're logged into the same Apple ID on your iPad which is used on your PC or Mac, and connected to the same local network.

Step 3

Now open the Music or Videos app on your iPad. In Music the shared library will be available via 'More' then 'Shared'. The Videos app has its own 'Shared' button.

Stream music to iPad

Stream music and video to your iPad: Alternatives

There are other alternatives out there and Air Playit is just one example. The software allows you to stream music or video (320 different formats) to your iPad (and iPhone, iPod touch or Android device).

Apart from the extra format support it has another advantage over iTunes. It works over mobile network as well as Wi-Fi (beware of the potential costs of streaming over 3G/4G).

To use Air Playit, you need to download the software for your PC or Mac and download the app for your iPad. Then go through a few setup steps. A full how to can be found on the Air Playit site.

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