The web is full of videos, but you don't always have an internet connection on your iPad. Here's how to download videos from YouTube directly to your tablet without involving iTunes. It's completely free, too.

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All you need to download videos is a free app from the App Store.

1. Launch the App Store on your iPad and search for Video Downloader Super Lite. There are both free and paid-for versions. Install the free version.

Video Downloader Super Lite

2. Once that's done, launch the app - its icon is easy to spot as it's an orange arrow pointing downwards.

Admittedly, it's not the prettiest app around, and is riddled with ads. However, you'll learn to avoid them.

3. The app should open on the Browse tab, and should default to the YouTube website. To search for a video, tap the magnifying glass icon on the right-hand side and type in your search terms.

Video Downloader Super Lite YouTube

4. When you see a video you like, tap it and it will automatically buffer and play. A pop-up box should offer a red button marked 'Save to memory'. Tap this to download the video.

Video Downloader Super Lite save to memory

You can tap on the Downloads tab to check on the downloading progress, and also access videos once they're downloaded. Videos can only be watched within the app - they're not accessible from the iPad's standard Videos app.

Video Downloader Super Lite tabs

However, you can access videos from that app within Video Downloader Super Lite by tapping on the mis-named iPod Library tab.

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