zone alarms check point

  conrail 08:47 14 May 2012

using windows 7 home premium sp1 with zone alarm, the checkpoint option is becoming annoying, when it pops up fine but then it keeps popping up telling me not to send any more info to zone alarm, when I click ok or the x button it disappears only to reappear moments later, once is fine, how can I stop it recurring, or is there a better option? all advice appreciated

  difarn 09:15 14 May 2012

You may be interested in this article and the fix on how to disable the pop-up.

  conrail 09:26 14 May 2012

thanks for prompt reply difarn, read the article which mentions 'zlclient.exe' cannot find this file on my pc, there is a check point file installed but cannot find a file named zone alarm either

  difarn 08:31 15 May 2012

Is this the free Zone Alarm that you have?

Can I suggest that you uninstall and re-install it.

This article gives you instructions on how to do it.

  conrail 15:32 15 May 2012

thanks difarn, uninstalled and reinstalled but something went wrong, after running the program I got a black screen and only restarting in safe mode would let me see my desktop and it said zone alarm had a conflict but when I selected view other program non came up so I restarted and again just had a black screen, the only thing I could see was my mouse pointer but using that I could not select anything, not even start, so I restarted again in safe mode and uninstalled zone alarm and everything is fine, didn't have this problem when I 1st installed so no idea on what happened

  difarn 16:26 15 May 2012

There is obviously a conflict somewhere - there are many posts about similar situations here.

Is this your only anti-virus protection? If so how about trying out AVG free?

  conrail 08:14 16 May 2012

thanks difarn, I have avast so that can be the only conflict although za did not name any, windows firewall shouldn't cause problems, your link was very informative so again many thanks

  difarn 10:21 16 May 2012

There are some posts that do say there is a conflict and that sometimes this combination can also contribute to the slowing down of a pc.

Glad to help.

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