Your first hour with Windows 8

  johndrew 14:17 01 Nov 2012

I found this article which may be of interest to any who are going the W8 route.

  Forum Editor 15:49 01 Nov 2012

Thank you - very useful, and worth bookmarking for anyone who contemplates taking the plunge.

  Quickbeam 13:07 03 Nov 2012

I'm on my first hour now, due to believing that I couldn't install W8 because the W8 assisant flagged up the secure boot problem that isn't a problem.

I'm quite liking it with no problems. At first I missed the traditional start button, but after discovering that the Logitech software having updated itself for W8 for my Touchmouse 600 I find it works fantastically well with W8. I didn't realise when I bought it last month, it was designed to work best with the new Windows start page screen, and together they work very well by giving the touchscreen feel to the none touch PC screen.

  Quickbeam 14:59 03 Nov 2012

I would even say to those that think it's not a good desktop/office OS, that the touch mouse makes it so.

  sunnystaines 18:01 16 Jan 2013

john thanks for posting trying to gen up on w8 in prep for a new laptop.

had a play in pcw what a dogs dinner w8 is, looks like windows has been dumbed down for the chav population, an insult to normal users.

can the comp boot direct to desktop or is it wait for the metro screen and click desktop. I take it there is no way to disable the metro screen.

was told no need to turn off w8 just close lid of laptop and it goes into auto standby untill opened again.

quickbeam tried your mouse link saw the web page but the vids do not play [white screen with music only] so lost on how it works.

  sharpamat 08:27 18 Jan 2013

To answer a couple of points Metro can be bypassed by the use of third party software such as classic shell

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