xp with vista + office 2002

  new214 14:53 30 May 2008

Im thinking of getting an acer laptop with vista however I want to install xp on it as a dual boot.

Are there any problems with doing this i.e. related to xp drivers?

I also wnated to know if office 2002 can work on vista?

  Pine Man 15:36 30 May 2008

It would be much, much easier if you got a laptop with XP loaded and then dual-booted it with Vista. It can be very difficult the other way round.

Office 2002 should work ok with either operating system.

  new214 16:24 30 May 2008

Only thing is a majority of laptops are with vista and not xp - would there be any driver related problems if I try to dual boot xp on a vista laptop?

  Pine Man 16:49 30 May 2008

It is nothing to do with drivers it is the actual operating systems that cause the problems if Vista is loaded first. Try googling the following phrase and you will find lots of varying advice.

Dual boot XP after Vista

  new214 18:23 30 May 2008

Ok thanks for the information, just have a few more questions (please if there is any problems try to outline them or provide a link) -

1)does vista have any problems with visual studios 2003?

2)does vista have any problems with devloping in classic ASP and frontpage?

3)Does vista have any problems with PHP MYSQL, or any other web servers?

4)Does vista support java applications and eclipse?

5) how can you burn a dvd/cd in vista - as Ive heard that nero is no longer supported by vista?

  Pine Man 20:24 30 May 2008

I am afraid I have had no experience with any of the issues you have raised BUT, and I don't mean to sound condescending, why don't you try googling you questions?

I just googled 'is visual studios 2003 compatible with Vista' and got the answer - No.

Have a go and keep your questions short:-)

Oh, by the way, Vista has it's own DVD/CD burning software and I think that some versions of Nero do work with Vista but I'm not sure.

Good luck!

  sunny staines 12:56 31 May 2008

office xp works fine in vista I use it. the only hickup is that outlook does not save the password so each time you open it you have to re enter the password. i was hoping sp1 would fix that but not yet. tried various reg fixes promised to sort it but none did for me.
word,excel,publisher,powerpoint all ok not loaded access or frontpage as i no longer use them.

  new214 14:04 31 May 2008

iv got vista on a dvd and want to dual boot it with xp - first thing i need to know is how to create a partition as ive looked over the net and tried it through disk management but the options are just not there. The windows help facility says:

"Right-click an unallocated region of a basic disk, and then click New Partition"

- However the option of selecting new partition is not there. Ive even tried to do it via command prompt but no luck. my c: is 100% of the disk with free space of 50GB

  sunny staines 16:31 31 May 2008

when i played with vista beta i loaded office twice on the xp partition and the vista partition.
i did not give it a partition on its own.

  new214 17:00 31 May 2008

do you use a 3rd party software to partion an xp disk? Ive now got a vista dvd and want to install that as a dual boot. How do I partition my xp drive?

The windows help facility says: "Right-click an unallocated region of a basic disk, and then click New Partition" - however Ive tried it through disk management but there is no option of doing it through that. Ive even tried to do it via command prompt but no luck.

please no more about office posts, thx

  sunny staines 17:54 31 May 2008

i used 2 hard drives one for each o/s.

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