XP SP2 or Vista Premium

  jackthelad71 16:08 30 Aug 2007

I am going to buy a new computer but have a quandry.
I like my XPSP2 so should I stick with it or go to Vista Premium. Also can I use my own Walpaper I use WEBSHOTS at present its great.Would not like to loose it.also they are allready talking of replasing vista in a couple of years?

  ventanas 17:07 30 Aug 2007

A personal view of course, but it really is no contest. Vista outscores XP in every department, and why even consider an operating system that is now obsolete.

Also I think it will be more than two years before any replacement comes along.

Worth checking out is any existing hardware that you want to continue using - printers etc. Check the manufacturers web site for Vista drivers. As for existing software all you can do is try it. I had just one program that wouldn't install. A small price.

  jackthelad71 17:25 30 Aug 2007

Thank you for your responce I will bear it in
mind. The main software I have doubt about is
the Lotus Millenium Smartsuite Office8. I
have been using it nine years. Jack.

  Slithe 20:17 30 Aug 2007

Have been using Vista for a couple of weeks and personally, I wouldn't consider going back to XP unless I really, really had to. My experience has been that Vista works better on new machines or on a clean install. With a new machine, you should be fine, mainly as all your main hardware will be automatically compatible with Vista. I use a three year old printer, and I plugged it in and switched it on, and Vista found the drivers automatically - perhaps I was lucky, but I can't really complain on that score...

Your Vista experience itself depends on what system you buy and what version of Vista you choose. I'm using Home Premium, but if you don't want the fancy Aero graphics, extra games or Media Centre, then that isn't so much of a problem. Personally, I prefer the choice to have Home Premium and use those features if I want to - I still use Aero and the Media Centre, but have turned off the sidebar. If you go for the new PC, then definitely get one with a dedicated graphics card and at least 1GB RAM - I have a 64MB Graphic Card, 1GB RAM and an Intel Dual Core Processor and Vista runs fine.

Obviously, check to see whether the software you use will run on Vista, I can't comment on gaming experiences in Vista, but all my main software has run on both XP and Vista, and I've not a problem with it.

As I've said in previous posts, we've been spoilt with XP, it has been the de facto OS for nearly six years and we've got used to it. There were teething problems (a lot of them) with early versions of XP, and really, the OS was entirely relaunched with extra security features in 2004, and with separate media facilities at various points. With Service Pack 3 forthcoming for XP, I get the impression that it is really the end of the line for XP, and it will be a question of 'when' rather than 'if' software suppliers and manufacturers begin to ditch it in favour of Vista.

With SP1 on the horizon and a lot of drivers and updates, Vista is in a far better position than it was on lauch in January. It is a new Windows experience, it is similar to XP and previous versions, but isn't. Being built on NT it is a stable OS and one that probably will be around for a considerable period - a lot of comparaisons are made between Vista and ME, but back then Microsoft was trying to work on fusing the 9X and NT product lines - they did that with XP, and so build on one OS instead of updating two.

Good luck with your choice.

  jackthelad71 14:16 31 Aug 2007

Thank you for your extensive reply I found it quite informative as for the new Computer I intend to Buy it will be well enabled with 4GB
DDR2. and 500 GB of Hard Disc, plus several extras so I will be following your advise and that from Ventanas, I Thank you both Jack.

  Pine Man 15:41 31 Aug 2007

Unless you are going to have 64bit Vista be very, very wary of fitting 4GB RAM.

32bit operating systems cannot utilise more than 4GB RAM and that has to include the other RAM such as that on the graphics card. There are workarounds but they merely reduce the efficiency of the RAM. In addition you must have the RAM fitted in matched pairs or DDR Dual Channel is disabled. The best amount of RAM to get is 2X1GB and 2X512MB giving you a total of 3GB in matched pairs, which will then allow for your other RAM on cards etc.

  skidzy 17:25 31 Aug 2007

Three things to bear in mind with Vista:

1) XP is prefered over Vista if your a gamer.

2) As pointed out,check your devices and software are Vista compatible.

3) Again as mentioned,4GB of ram maybe a small problem if not a 64bit Vista.

Though these have been covered by the forum members,i do urge you to check for Vista drivers for any devices you wish to connect.
For example,Lexmark Vista drivers are availible for some of there devices but not all.

Best advice,do your research first.

Having said that,i have seven machines and only one Vista the rest XP.
The Vista machine is my main computer and cannot fault it,but im not a gamer.

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