XP or Vista for new gaming computer

  Gavnor 15:16 20 Feb 2008


I've not bought a computer for a few years (last one was on windows 98) but am looking to get one in the next month or so. I'll be using this primarily for games, but need to decide whether to get it with XP or Vista. I've read a lot about how Vista struggles compatibility wise with older games (I have a few about 4 years old that I might have starting using again). What would people recommend? I will be buying new games too, but then may buy games a few years old.


  anskyber 15:26 20 Feb 2008

It depends on how you see the future. Games, or rather top end games, in the future will need DirectX 10 which is only available in Vista click here

The issue with games and Vista is the need for adequate RAM and a good graphics card which is Directx compatible.

Some gamers have experienced a bit of a torrid ride as the graphics drivers were developed rather slowly. Things are much better now. So the answer is how do you see your own gaming needs?

as an OS I think Vista is great but I am no gamer.

  crosstrainer 15:45 20 Feb 2008

XP will shortly be finished with as far as MIcrosoft is concerned. The last licenses for the os will be sold up until July, then it's Vista. I think if you want your PC to last as long as your present one has, and if you are going to be using the internet, then look for a good spec Vista home premium machine.

Since you like to play games, look for at least an Nvidia 8800GTS PCI-E graphics card 2GB of memory, and a fast dual core CPU. If you can afford it a 8800GTX card would be even better.

  [email protected] 15:52 20 Feb 2008

my advice would be don't ask on a vista forum, ask or look through gamers sites, the games support forums and graphics and hardware forums.

  fishface113 18:12 20 Feb 2008

Hit and miss, but I have had games many years old working fine with Vista. There are some that wont work however, I am no expert though.

  mrwoowoo 21:53 20 Feb 2008

As a vista sceptic and an avid gamer i had the same dilemma a month ago.
Bought a new vista pc and am very pleased with it.
Playing prince of persia 2,cod 4,stranglehold,timeshift and gears of war with no problems at all.In fact gears of war was a mare with xp as it kept crashing.
As crosstrainer says,as long as it has good specs a new pc with vista pe installed should give no trouble at all.
My gpu is only a 8600gt and plays them all at max settings although the framerates dip to 29fps in some games but i don't notice any slowdown.
If you can get an 512mb 8800gt
as it's better value for money than the gts which will only give a few fps more but for a lot more money.
At least an core 2 duo E6750

  Gavnor 08:58 21 Feb 2008

Thanks for all your advice, it's really appreciated. From all the research I've done over the last month, am pleased to see your advice on graphics card specs is backing up what I was planning, but am basically going to get the best I can afford, going through lots of onlone retailers.
Think Vista ia the way to go as I do want to make the computer as future proof as possible. Is the Home Premium a good enough package for my requirements for gaming?

  Coltch 09:37 21 Feb 2008

For a gaming PC I'd say Vista x64 (Home Premium is fine) 4GB RAM, at least an nvidia 8800GTS 512 or ATi HD3870 X2 and a good Core 2 Duo or Core 2 Quad.

The drivers in Vista have improved now so the performance gap between Vista and XP in gaming is shrinking. I only really have problems with 2 games in Vista - Crysis & World In Conflict (Trying to run at stupid settings/resolutions on my HD2900XT!).

Most of my older games work fine and if they don't I use Virtual PC with an XP install.

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