XP on one drive and Vista on a second Drive How?

  Technicsman 16:55 19 Mar 2007

Hi, I have got everything ready to build a new pc, processor, M board etc, I currently use XP Pro, I have just brought back a copy of vista ultimate from the states and wish to get on building my new system the only trouble is the lack of software for vista, My main uses for my pc are music creation midi etc, video making but the main things I use my SoundBlaster sound card platinum drive for midi inputs outputs and Pinnacle 10 plus for video are not yet supported, and it might be some time before they are. I known that you can duel boot a system with both OS’S on one drive but I do not wish to do this, is it possible to have XP on one drive and Vista on a second drive and then choose which one to use, can it be done and if so HOW. If this can be done I can carry on my normal use of my pc for music etc, and use vista for other things until such times there is software etc available, I will be using an Intel D975XBX2 Main board, duel core processor E7000, and I can run up to 4 Sata hard drives. I have built a few simple basic pc in my time but nothing this difficult can anyone help?

  [email protected] 17:10 19 Mar 2007

when you get the main opening page, click install >> custom , then it asks you what partition/ drive you want it on, then change boot options in bios

  Zeppelyn 18:04 19 Mar 2007

Once built and ready to go, install XP Pro to your prefered drive and when ready install Vista to other. Vista will take care of the dual boot process for you and you will be able to choose which OS to boot. As above when installing Vista make sure you select custom install not upgrade.

  thms 18:11 19 Mar 2007

I have a dual boot setup with xp64 and vista premium on seperate drives.

You need to install xp first then install vista to the other drive.

At boot it will always boot to vista by default, but you will be given the option to select vista or previous windows.

You have 15 seconds to make your choice.
A bit long for me so I have changed it to 5.

  Ashrich 22:24 19 Mar 2007

My two disk set up is done as Vista on my 320gb SATA11 Maxtor and XP pro on an IDE 200gb Western Digital , both set as master , I simply enter the bios and select which drive I wish to boot from , not in the boot selector but the section above it .


  Ashrich 22:34 19 Mar 2007

As a follow up to my post , I have just rebooted my PC and the sequence is , enter bios on booting ( this is for an Award bios ) select " Advanced bios features " then " Hard disk boot priority " highlight the disk you wish to boot from and press either page up or down to move to the top , press esc twice , then f10 and reboot into whichever one you chose . Should be pretty much the same for other bios's .


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