Xandros Presto Linux

  keith mac 14:02 27 Oct 2009

Catching up on reading I've just found a review of Xandros Presto Linux in the November 2009 edition.

Often all I need is to quickly check email. The above system appears to deliver quick boot and shut down in conjunction with my Windows Vista OS.

Has anyone used it? Is it easy to install and use? Is booting as quick as suggested? Is there any risk of breaking Windows? Am I inviting problems or should I just put up with tardy Vista?

  Ex plorer 18:17 25 Jan 2010

My Findings with Linux Ubuntu.

I tried Ubuntu Linux on the hard Drive with Vista.

Ubuntu used the Bug file for windows and made Vista second boot, Ubuntu first boot.

You have 30 seconds to use the up/down keys to choose which one of the two you want to boot up.

you will be given an option during loading as to how much space you want to give Xandros Presto on the Hard Drive for Linux for saving programs and files etc.
I blundered here and left to little for Vista.

If I were you check up on how to remove Xandros Presto before installing just in case.

One other thing if its on the bug file and you can delete Xandros Presto ok, you will find your pc still boots on the second boot screen when you only have Vista installed.

I never got rid of the second boot screen properly, I reduced the 30 seconds to 0 seconds and my pc now boots as it should.

Hope this helps

  Ex plorer 18:30 25 Jan 2010

I have not read up on Xandros Presto but look
click here

  keith mac 18:39 25 Jan 2010

Yes it helps, thanks, but I'm not reassured by your experience... I would feel unsure of predictable operation set up as you describe.

I'd once hoped I could achieve a system similar to certain computers which claim to quickly boot just for Internet access - at that time I was using the Internet frequently but didn't want to leave my computer either constantly switched on or in sleep mode which was unreliable.

Recently I set up a friend's Windows 7 laptop which impressed me by stopping and starting far quicker than my Vista heap. I've now bought a cheapish replacement W7 unit which can enter and exit Sleep mode quickly and - at the moment - reliably!

That will now get used for quick and easy access to the Internet.

thanks again

  keith mac 18:48 25 Jan 2010

The review for Presto (I've just looked at it - must have missed it first time) suggests it might indeed be what I was once looking for....

Maybe next time I'm feeling adventurous I'll splash out on a copy and give it a whirl...for $20 it wouldn't break the bank and might still be useful on my unloved tardy, Vista machine.

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