word 2010 text box line

  awest3 13:44 12 Feb 2015

I was creating text boxes, no problem. Then want to remove the lines from around the test box. So I right click within the box and a drop down menu appears with the option of changing the box to have 'no line' I click on noline and the outline around the box disappears. all good. There are 5 boxes so I repeat the process for a couple more all ok! when I went to the next box and did a right click a drop down menus appears but there is no 'Line' option..? I also noticed that the 'format' option is missing. After playing around for a while I decided to copy the contents of the page to a new page... same result. So I set up a new page altogether added a text box and lo and behold the drop down menu has the line option in it.... and the 'format' option I'm presuming I hit a switch somewhere on the original page but can't find out what it was...

Any help gratefully received as ever

  awest3 13:53 12 Feb 2015

Hmm... A little more playing and I find if I right click on a line of the box the option for 'line' comes back... It seems strange that there is a different, less options, dropdown menu if you click inside the box (which I swear was giving the full list of options) against clicking on the line.

Ah well! another of life's little tribulations to exercise the more mature mind.

Thanks for looking, all seems now to be well

  BRYNIT 19:09 12 Feb 2015

I have just looked at word 2007 and would think Word 2010 has a similar tabs across the top.

As a test I creating several text boxes. After clicking inside one text box a format tab was showing at the top from here I selected shape outline/no outline. If you have several text boxes you want to remove the outline from hold down the shift key and click in each box this will select the boxes and again from the format tab select shape outline/no outline.

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