WMP Stops Working in VISTA - A Possible Solution

  Akiranika 01:00 13 Aug 2008

Here's the problem: Like so many out there, my WMP just decided one day to stop functioning. It's still there, it just won't operate. Of course, being an integral part of the OS it cannot be uninstalled. It can, however, be updated. Unfortunately, as we know, MS doesn't have a version of WMP that is more current than the one that comes with the OS and the installation program will be happy to tell you that you cannot install your freshly downloaded copy of WMP from MS because your current version is newer than the one you want to install.
Here's my possible solution:
1. Go the file that VISTA refers to for the version number for WMP (Possibly in the registry?).
2. Change the first number in the string from 6 to 5.
3. Reboot.
4. Reinstall WMP v 11.
Can anyone tell me specifically where VISTA looks to see what version of WMP is currently installed? Comments? Suggestions? All are appreciated!

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