WMP 11 Vista crashes playing music

  andylad9 11:15 16 Jul 2008

Hi - WMP11 on vista will crash whenever i play music. It opens fine, will play videos fine, but not music. It is quite unstable, and when i try to share my library with my PS3 it crashes then also.

It did use to work fine (have all the codecs etc), but i must of messed with some file or something to break it. It's been a long problem and i've run out of ideas. I'd be happy un/reinstalling it but i don't think that's possible, and there's no updates or anything for WMP that may correct it.

Does anyone have any advice or suggestions, anyway of finding out what's wrong with it?

Thanks in advance


  sinbads 17:14 16 Jul 2008

Umm odd one strange it will play video's ;but not music, could it be that you have corrupt codecs? may be worth uninstalling your codecs see if that makes a difference, you can allways reinstall them.

  andylad9 18:16 16 Jul 2008

il try that - how can i remove my codecs?

  sinbads 12:01 17 Jul 2008

If you have added codecs such as K-Lite codec pack or the new vista codec pack these can be uninstalled through add and remove.

  peter99co 13:30 17 Jul 2008

Try creating another account and run it in that account. It may be having conflicts with other software.

  andylad9 19:10 22 Jul 2008

Hi guys - right i've uninstalled and tested...then installed K-Lite Mega Pack and tested...then removed that and reinstalled K-Lite Standard Pack (which i had originally) and sadly neither would play music. Again video was fine, but it will crash when i play music?!

i created a new fresh account and played the music the comes with vista and still it crashes?!

any more ideas? or ideas on how to update/reinstall wmp11 or even wmp10?

thanks guys


  andylad9 19:14 22 Jul 2008

also this is what it says in Problems Reports and Solutions - dunno if that's helpful?

Problem signature
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: wmplayer.exe
Application Version: 11.0.6000.6344
Application Timestamp: 46e5f12e
Fault Module Name: kernel32.dll
Fault Module Version: 6.0.6000.16386
Fault Module Timestamp: 4549bd80
Exception Code: c06d007f
Exception Offset: 0001b09e
OS Version: 6.0.6000.
Locale ID: 2057
Additional Information 1: 7670
Additional Information 2: 8ff25e19e4bcefd7a1839190db1347f0
Additional Information 3: 5ceb
Additional Information 4: 8c6e3c527df4b72b29ddbd0bcfa37d7d


  peter99co 19:41 22 Jul 2008

Is it possible you have installed SP1 since it last played properly?

  sinbads 21:01 22 Jul 2008

Do you have nero installed, as this can cause problems with WMP11?

  andylad9 16:06 23 Jul 2008

i don't have nero installed. wmp11 wasn't working even before SP1 came out...i don't think i've got it anyway (unless vista d/l it automatically?). if i don't have it il install it and see if that corrects the problem anyway...il keep you updated

my mates told me theres tools on the vista dvd that might help? anyone know anything about those?



  peter99co 18:24 23 Jul 2008

My windows music player would not rip after sp1 and worked again after uninstall sp1. Microsoft support have been assisting with error for last 6 weeks on an email per week basis and we are now at the point of installing Klite codec to fix the problem. Fingers crossed

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