Wireless routers, any problems?

  Forum Editor 23:52 12 Sep 2006

I'm interested to know if anyone's had any problem with their wireless router after instaling the RC1 version?

What about WSFTP - has anyone had trouble with that not working after installation?

  keja 00:19 13 Sep 2006

So far I haven't had any problems with my wireless router (Netgear DG834G), but I haven't yet managed to get my wireless print server (Netgear PS121) working.

  Forum Editor 18:25 13 Sep 2006

has anyone encountered problems with that?

  Newuser38 17:27 16 Sep 2006

Taken a while to respon as I have only just managed to install RC1 I could not install over Beta2 so a wipe and a clean install which seemed to take a long time.

I have Voyager 2110 one wireless machine and 2 'cable'machines to the router and everything seems to be working, even better RC1 seemed to set itself up.

I have good internet access, and have swapped docs and pictures but have not yet tried to print, but the RC1 machine sees the printer ok.

  Forum Editor 18:00 16 Sep 2006

Thank you.

  fitcher 19:02 18 Sep 2006

i would like to get my netgear wireless usb 2.0 WG111v2 ..working on vista ......when i tried to use vista over my windows 2000 as a double boot ,system partion .in order to see if i could use that .for vista updates . it corrupted it . as it says,, one cant upgrade .from other than xp . now i use two hard drives one with vista .a direct ethernet link probably works .but my computer is in an outbuilding to far away anyone done it ?

  StuartP 10:31 22 Sep 2006

Have a Belkin pre-N, an Airport Express, iTunes 7.0 and Vista RC1. Streams music beautifully but had to manually open a port in the Windows Firewall.

  sunny staines 12:29 22 Sep 2006

Using linsky wifi router, no problems, vista set it up automaticaly during install & speeds are a lot faster in vista when surfing the next.

  josie mayhem 16:11 22 Sep 2006

I'm using voyager 2091, no problems installed on set up...

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